We are dedicated to creating credible voices in health and the environment and to crisis communications. That means knowing the right journalists, bloggers, networks and opinion formers and keeping on top of issues and market forces, so we can give our clients the cut-through or the reputation management they need.

Most of us work from a Regency building in the heart of Cheltenham Spa but we also have freelancers working in London and further afield. We mentor staff to develop to their full potential in line with our values: bravery, intelligence and a true team ethic.

We offer a full ownership service to busy clients who need us to think for them. As a result our client retention rate averages 90 per cent, which far outstrips any benchmark.

If you share the same values and sense of dedication and want to explore opportunities here email careers@gravitaspr.co.uk. If there is no immediate opportunity we can put you into our "green room” and we will let you know.